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The Detectives

70 mins
Language level: 
Pre-intermediate, Intermediate
Age level: 
12-18 years
The Detectives is an entertaining and interactive love-story/murder-mystery set in an English cabaret. One of the actors is murdered during a performance. The audience work with the actors to discover who the killer was.
The Detectives is an interactive murder mystery, where the students in the audience are invited to work out who the killer is. The story is set in a cabaret in England with three main characters Michael Kay, a magician, his wife Sylvia Kay, a dancer and their colleague Christopher O'Connel, a clown. The show holds the the audience's attention very effectively, not only because of the character of the clown and entertaining aspects of the cabaret itself, but also because of Sylvia's open flirtation with Christopher and Michael's jealousy. The Detectives is the most popular show in the repertoire of the theatre. It has been played hundreds of times in many different countries. The language content is fairly simple which means that the show can be enjoyed by a wide range of students from 12 to 18 years old.