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Program of shows September - December 2017
On all shows played in Jan and Feb 2018
The Let's Go Travel Show
Mes élèves (classe de 5) qui ont assisté au spectacle ont beaucoup aimé! Ils avaient beaucoup d’avis à donner… en anglais! Félicitations et à bientôt!
Benedicte Steegmann
college Twinger Strasbourg
Program and prices for 2017/18 Click below to download our program of shows and prices for the school year 2017/18. New co-operation with OUP in Poland We have a new co-operation and new tours in Poland. Details at this link ....
New contact person for Portugal

We have a new production manager working on tours in Portugal and China

Simao Biernat


New shows and projects for 2017 - 8

In the new school year, The Bear Educational Theatre is planning to introduce some new shows and projects. Expect more detailed news as...