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How to book?

How to order shows?


1) Select your shows

2) Send us online request form or email or call +420 775 592 414

3) We confirm date and show availability



Which shows should you choose for your students?

The Bear Educational Theatre has a range of shows for each age group from 6 to 18. Please do contact us for advice, if you are not sure, we are be happy to help you to choose.


Here are some guidelines


Is this the first time you are booking a show?

In this case we recommend the following shows, as they are the most popular shows in their age categories and they are the shows we normally take if we are going on tour to a new area:

Jackie and the Giant (Age 6 – 10)

The Alien Grammar Show (Age 11 – 13) The Detectives (Age 12 – 18) The History of England Part I (Age 14 - 18)


Do you want to practice a specific area of grammar?

Many of our shows focus on practising specific grammar:

Do-It-Yourself Theatre practices past tenses Frank Novotny and the Case of the Present Perfect

It is worth taking a closer look at the descriptions of the shows to see which shows support which areas of your teaching.


If your students are more advanced than average, is it suitable to play a show that is originally intended for an older age group?

Yes it is no problem. You can decide on whatever show you think is best for your students and we will come and play it. Again if you are not sure, ask us and look at the teaching materials of the show that you are thinking of. They should give you some feeling for the level of the show.


If your students are less advanced than average and you are afraid they won't understand

Don't worry, they will understand. The shows are designed to be very accessible indeed. Of course not every student will understand every word, but, if they get to see a show suitable to their level, they should be engaged and following the story easily.   


Where do we play, what space is needed?

The Bear Educational Theatre prides itself on being extremely flexible. In reality we are able to play almost anywhere.


1) We come to your school

This is really easy. We come directly to your school. We play in gyms, canteens or large classrooms, halls, or in a local theatre or cultural center. Just let us know, we are happy to help you.

2) See us in Theatres We come to play at theatre near your school, please contact us to request a date or find out about our upcoming tour in your area. 

The Teaching Materials

Teaching materials are available for each show. The show should be easy to follow anyway, even without preparation. However, teachers may find it useful to work with these materials in class, either before a show to introduce students to the themes and vocabulary of the show they are going to see, or else after the show as a form of revision. 

The teaching materials consist of various exercises, and they usually contain key sections of the text of the show. They are all easy to use and contain an answer key for teachers.


Our prices

Price typically varies between 2 – 5 Euros per student depending on the shows chosen. 

Please contact us to learn the exact price for your particular area and requirements.