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New shows and projects for 2016 - 7

In the new school year, The Bear Educational Theatre is planning to introduce some new shows and projects. Expect more detailed news as the year unfolds ....

Fair Bear - A new Show for Young Learners

A dog competition is being held at the colourful hotel and Fair Bear is there as the judge. However, in the night, Bad Bear steals the other dogs so that his dog 'Spider' can win. And he makes it look as if Fair Bear did it. Fair Bear needs the students to help him prove his innocence. 

The History of English Literature - A new show for advanced learners

In the style of the popular 'History of England' shows, this show will look at a number of great writers going from the 10th century up to the 20th. Premiere September 2016.

Workshops and 'Interesting Meetings'

As well as the usual workshops run by Theatre director, David Fisher a new project called 'Interesting Meetings' wil be introduced. The idea is that groups of 25-50 students attend an interactive presentation by a member of the theatre or another 'interesting person'. The presentation will be entertaining in itself, but the main aim is to elicit as much participation as possible from the audience.