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NEW SHOW 2017/18

The Let's Go Travel Show - for upper primary and secondary schools (2. stupeň and SŠ)

Level - Intermediate, Time - 60 minutes

The Let's Go Travel show gives the audience an exciting and interactive introduction to Britain today. Sophie is a girl from France with an English boyfriend called Martin. When Martin is offered a well-paid job in England, he asks Sophie to marry him. However, Sophie has never been to Britain, so Martin takes her (and the audience) on a quick tour so she can see 'the best of Britain.' In the end the audience will decide if Sophie should marry Martin and move to Britain or not.

 The show itself is simple, visual, interactive and a lot of fun. However, underneath the surface are important issues of partnership, personal identity, and how we view people from other cultures. This means that students not only enjoy the show, but also have plenty to think about after they leave.