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The Alien Grammar Show

60 min
Language level: 
Age level: 
11-14 years
Aliens have landed in the school! They look and behave like people. The only way to discover them is to listen carefully to what they say. Aliens always make mistakes when they ask questions in English! This very interactive high-energy performance revises the basic grammar of questions.
The Alien Grammar Show is the story of an Alien who is on Earth for a very limited period of time, looking for her children Blip and Blop. She is being chased however by two intergalactic agents (Men in Black) who want to catch her and kill her. Both the alien and the agents need help from the audience and so this fast-paced and very funny story is also extremely interactive. The teaching element of the show is introduced when we discover that aliens have trouble making questions in English. There is a period of testing to discover who isn't and who may be an alien, if anybody can make good question then they clearly are not an alien. The Alien Grammar Show was originally designed for young learners (aged 10 – 13 years old) whose English is still not advanced, but who are also too old to respond well to fairy-tale stories. Now it is one of the most popular shows on the repertoire of the theatre and is very well received in all the countries where it is played.