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Do-It-Yourself Theatre

60 min
Language level: 
Age level: 
12-18 years
Do-It-Yourself Theatre is a highly interactive grammar lesson which teaches past tenses and reported speech in a way that is hard to forget. For good students the show is entertaining revision, for less able students it is a valuable opportunity to learn important grammar in a way that is very different to the normal classroom methods.
When Do-It-Yourself Theatre was being created, the idea was to create the most entertaining grammar lesson ever taught. One the one hand the show is very functional as it presents the grammar of past tenses and reported speech very directly and even features classic text-book style exercises to help the students practice it. On the other hand the grammar is brought to life with a very simple and stylized love story. The actors main job in this show is to create a relaxed and positive atmosphere for the games and exercises. DIY Theatre is therefore even more interactive than other shows in the repertoire of The Bear Educational Theatre. Some students are even invited on stage at the end to perform a short stylized scene themselves. Do-It-Yourself had it's premiere in 2003 and has been very well received by students and teachers. It was the main show to be assessed by the jury when The Bear Educational Theatre won the LABEL prize for innovation in language teaching. The teaching materials mirror the material that is taught during the performance. Our feedback shows that after seeing Do-It-Yourself Theatre even weaker students tackle the grammar exercises in class with more enthusiasm and success that they normally would. There are two, very similar, versions of Do-It-Yourself Theatre. The first version for lower-intermediate students spends more time practicing irregular past simple tenses and doesn't feature past perfect tense, unlike the more advanced version for Intermediate students.
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