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Fair Bear

50 minutes
Language level: 
Age level: 
6 - 11
Fair Bear is new interactive show for children aged 6 - 11. There will be a 'beautiful dog' competition in the Colourful Hotel. However, two of the beautiful dogs are stolen in the night. The police think that Fair Bear took the dogs, but the students know the real answer and they help the police find to catch the real dog thief.
Fair Bear is a new show which contains a number of elements to make it exciting and engaging for a young audience. Firstly the show is designed to be visually engaging with colourful characters and scenery and puppets designed by professional designer Tatiana Irbis. Then it contains original songs and music by American composer Ed Kliman. The show is fast-moving with characters coming and going, but the main appeal is the way that the audience is constantly involved and referred to. An innocent character is accused of stealing and when the young audience have a chance to put that situation right, they are very keen to do so, especially as it involves two of them dressing up as dogs. Finally they have a lot of fun with the 'Beautiful Dog Competition' at the end of the show.
The show repeats and practices the language of colours, present tenses, and basic questions as well as a number of common phrases, such as 'Would you like ....?', 'I don't know' and others.