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Frank Novotny and the Modal Verbs

60 minutes
Language level: 
In this latest, very interactive, detective show Frank Novotny is given the problem of finding Andrew McStag, a student who seems to have left home. There is regular interaction and use of modal verbs as the detective, together with the audience, put together the information and the various possibilities of what might have happened until they discover where Andrew must be.
Frank Novotny and the Modal Verbs is now the most interactive show for non-elementary students in the repertoire of the theatre. Not only does the detective character regularly speak directly to the audience between scenes, the audience also get to think of questions to ask the characters in the story and can even direct the action by deciding which character the detective will talk to next.
There is also the traditional fun grammar presentation at the start of the show as well as a workshop at the end where the audience get to meet all of the actors and give their opinions on what the answer is.