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The History of England - Part 1

1 hour
Language level: 
Age level: 
14-18 years
Who built Stonehenge? What was so great about Alfred the Great? Out of Henry VIII’s six wives who was killed, who was divorced and who died naturally? From the time of the Romans to Queen Elizabeth I, this show helps students learn about English history by presenting the main events in a fun and interactive way.
The History of England Part 1 and Part 2 aim to introduce the main events of English History in a light and entertaining way. The shows are quite interactive and feature a very light-hearted competition between two audience teams. The main events covered are the Anglo-Saxons, The Battle of Hastings, the War of the Roses and the reign of Henry VIII. There is also a word quiz where the audience has to guess which original language some modern English word are derived from. The History of England shows are mainly aimed at Secondary school students who may be interested in learning about English History as an exam topic, but they have also been enjoyed by younger students. They both present good opportunities for students to relax and enjoy a show in English, while helping English teachers by covering subject matter that may be difficult to cover in the usual teaching schedule.