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The History of English Literature

60 minutes
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The History of English Literature is a new show which introduces students to some of the names and works that have stood out in the world of English Literature since the year 1000.
The show is light, interactive, and fun. It tells some great stories but also contains, a wealth of information, texts and even a quiz  It's overall aim is motivational, to leave the audience wanting to find out more for themselves. The challenge when creating a show like this, is how to make it light and entertining, while, at the same time respecting the great authors and their writing. The History of English Literature is very successful in conveying information, showing students the power of the writing, and telling them something about the lives of the authors, without getting at all weighed down in lecturing or text analysis.
The material covered in the show is Beowulf, Chaucer, Shakespeare, 17th and 18th century poets, and Wuthering Heights. It is designed to be watched without preparation, but there are teaching materials to help classes look at the material more carefully afterwards.