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Jackie and the Giant

50 min
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Jackie and the Giant is the story of a young girl, Jackie, who is running away from a bad Giant who wants to eat her. Jackie realizes that the giant could also eat the children in the audience, so she and the children have to work together to beat the bad giant, who only speaks English.
Jackie and the Giant is an interactive action-based fairy tale which helps young learners of English learn and practice basic grammar and vocabulary. The main character is a young girl called Jackie (sister to Jack in jack and the Beanstalk). At the beginning of the story she is being chased by a bad giant who wants to eat her. She works together with the children in the audience to speak English to this giant and also, later, to a good Giant too. The play is very effective at making young learners practice their English very spontaneously and naturally. Jackie and the Giant is one of the most popular shows in the repertoire of The Bear Educational Theatre. Over the last eleven years it has been played hundreds of times in many different countries across Europe, always with great results. The show has also been produced by other theatre companies in France and Austria, along with the sequel play, Jackie and the Horrible Family. Jackie and the Giant is the first part part of a trilogy of plays, the others are Jackie and the Horrible Family and Jackie and the Sunflower Princess. Together these three plays cover the main grammar points and most of the vocabulary that elementary learners could expect to meet in their first years of study.