Live Events Online

During the coming month we will be holding a series of live events from our new online home the Tchaiovna in Prague 6.


  • The events will be in the form of zoom meetings which are also broadcast live on youtube.

  • If you join the zoom meeting then you will be part of the virtual audience. This means that the actors will hear and even see you during the show. It will be as close as possible to being at a live theatre show.

  • If you watch the live stream on youtube you will be able to comment and be in touch with your students, during the event.

  • The events in this program are free of charge.  If you would like an online show or meeting for your students at a time that suits you it can be arranged at special coronavirus time prices (40 to 100 euros depending on the event.)

  • There are two kinds of live events - Live Shows and Interesting Meetings, (interactive interviews where you can ask questions.)



Wednesday June 17th 11.00 - 11.30h -  Interesting Meeting with William Shakespeare

(Click on the link for more information and for the zoom invitation).

Wednesday June 17th 12.00 - 12.30h -  Interesting Meeting - Homeless 

(Click on the link for more information and for the zoom invitation.


Thursday June 18th 19.30 - 20.00h -  Interesting Meeting with Oscar Wilde.

(Click on the link for more information and for the zoom invitation.


Previous Events.

Wednesday May 20th  - Interesting Meeting with Agatha Christie - Highlights here.

Wednesday May 27th- Live Show, Jackie and the Giant - Highlights soon

Thursday May 28th - Live Show, The History of English Literature - Highlights soon 

Thursday May 28th - Interesting Meeting with William Shakespeare - Highlights unavailable for now.

Wednesday June 3rd Live Show, The Alien Grammar Show - Highlights soon.

Wednesday June 3rd - Interesting Meeting with Carl Jung - Hightlights soon.


Thursday June 4th - Live Show, Who Are You? - Highlights unavailable

Wednesday June 10th - Live Show, Jackie and the Horrible Family - Highlights soon

 Wednesday June 10th -  Interesting Meeting with George Orwell. - Highlights soon.

Thursday June 11th - Live Show, 1984 vs Brave New World (Premiere) - Highlights soon