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The Bear w szkole

We come to play any of the shows from our repertoir directly at your school. We only need from you is a table and a few chairs. Exact conditions are available at each show details. Playing at your school is very convenient for both teachers and students.

The Bear Educational Theatre prides itself on being extremely flexible, so in reality we are able to play almost anywhere. We usually play in gyms, canteens or large classrooms. Some schools make arrangements with a local hall, theatre or culture centre.

Playing shows in schools is our most common activity. On a typical day a team of three actors will drive to a school in the morning and they will play two or even three shows in that school, often different shows of different levels for different groups of students. Shows are usually played in the morning at a time that is convenient for the schedule of the school. Each show has it's own teaching materials so that, if they wish, teachers can work on the play with their students in the classroom before or after the visit of the theatre.