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OUP Primary Conferences and New Tours in Poland

The Bear Educational Theatre is proud to announce a new co-operation with Poland's leading publisher of EFL text books, Oxford University Press 

Primary conferences in January and February 2017

We would like to thank OUP very much for the chance to take part in their primary conferences. We ran a competition where 10 schools could win a free theatre show in their school. The winners are listed below.

New tours of Poland May 15 - June 9 2017

There will be a special tour connected to these conferences. All participants will get the first chance to book the dates that suit them best and also to get special rates. A single show for 1300Zl, two shows for 1200 Zl each, three shows for 1100 Zl each.

The shows on offer are -

Jackie and the Giant (Age 5 - 10)

The Alien Grammar Show (Age 10 - 13)

The Let's Go Travel Show (New) (Age 12 - 15)

The History of England Part 1 (Upper-Intermediate level groups)


For one show booked in a certain area 1300 PLN

For two shows booked in a certain area 1200 PLN per show

For three shows booked in a certain area 1100 PLN per show


How to book a show on this tour

If you are interested in having a show(s) in your school, please send the following information to our agent in Poland kukula.piotr@gmail.com. Or you can call him at 518204572.  We need to know
 - The number of students and their ages.
 - The shows that you are interested in. (We can advise on this if you are not sure.)
 - Some possible dates in May, when we could visit your school.
Please note that this first step, contacting us with the above information, is without obligation. Once we have registered your interest we will get back to you with a suggestion of concrete terms when we could visit your school.

Competition to win a free show in your school

Here are the winners of our recent OUP conference competition .......

Winner No 1

Szkoła Podstawowa 4

aleja Jana Pawła II 4, 83-200 Starogard Gdański

Winner No 2

Szkoła Podstawowa 92

osiedle Kalinowe 18, 31-814 Kraków

Winner No 3

Szkoła Podstawowa i Gimnazjum

Szkolna 4a, 22-540 Dołhobyczów

Winner No 4

Szkoła Podstawowa

Szczury 38, 63-410 Ostrów Wielkopolski

Winner No 5

Gimnazjum nr 21

ul. Zielonogórska 23, 40-001 Katowice

Winner No 6

Gimnazjum nr 1

ul. Mickiewicza 10, 49-200 Grodków

Winner No 7

Szkoła Podstawowa 2

ul. Otwocka 13, 05-480 Karczew

Winner No 8

Gimnazjum Im Feliksa Szoldrskiego,

Nowy Tomyśl

Winner No 9

SP Nr 5 w Zgorzelcu,


Winner No 10

Szkoła Podstawowa 37
Doliny Miętusiej 5, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała

For more information on the theatre please write to david@thebeartheatre.com (English), or poland@thebeartheatre.com (Polish)