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The History of England Part 2

Czas trwania: 
60 min
Poziom językowy: 
14-18 years
Why were the English people angry with Charles I? How did Britain become the richest nation in the world? Why was Churchill so popular and so unpopular? From the time of James I to the present day, this show presents key characters and events of English history in a fun and interactive way.
The History of England Part 2 continues where The History of England Part 1 finishes and tells the story of English (or rather British) History from King James 1st up to the present day. The style of the show is very similar to Part 1, with events being treated in a light and often comic way, although The History of England Part 2 does take the time to treat some events and figures in more detail. They are, Oliver Cromwell and the story of the English Civil War, the story of The British Empire and the story of Winston Churchill and his part in the two World wars. The History of England Part 2 has a science quiz where students have to recognize famous British scientists and their achievements. There is also a quick 'name the decade' game at the end of the show. The show is originally designed for secondary school students who may be interested in learning about English history as an exam topic. The History of England Parts 1 and 2 are two of the most popular shows in the theatre's repertoire. They provide good opportunities for students to relax and enjoy a show in English, while helping English teachers by dealing with subject matter that can be difficult to cover in the usual teaching schedule.