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Jackie and the Sunflower Princess

Czas trwania: 
55 min
Poziom językowy: 
7-11 years
In the third and final part of the Jackie trilogy a bad king Malabo has taken over Giantland. His bad giant helpers are starting to eat the sunflower children. The Good giants and the Sunflower people are in hiding, but they call Jackie to help them. There is still hope ….. if Jackie can find the Sunflower princess.
Jackie and the Sunflower Princess is an interactive action-based fairy tale which helps young learners of English learn and practice basic grammar and vocabulary. The main character is a young girl called Jackie (sister to Jack in jack and the Beanstalk). At the beginning of this story, Mr and Mrs Good ask Jackie to come to Giantland to help them fight the bad king Malabo and to get the sunflower people out of prison. Jackie and the Sunflower Princess is the third part part of a trilogy of plays, the others are Jackie and the Giant and Jackie and the Horrible Family. Together, these three plays cover the main grammar points and most of the vocabulary that elementary learners could expect to meet in their first year of study. The Grammar of Jackie and the Sunflower Princess is not totally elementary as it introduces the modal verb 'Have to' and the future form 'will'. Also the story is more complex that the other two Jackie shows. For this reason we recommend that students see one of the other Jackie plays before visiting Jackie and the Sunflower Princess. However, if this is not possible, the play can still be enjoyed in its own right.
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