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Love in the Jeans Department

Czas trwania: 
60 min
Poziom językowy: 
Lower Intermediate
11-14 years
Jo and Sam are two girls who are the very best of friends, until they both become attracted to the same boy. This show is similar in style to Do-It-Yourself Theatre. The audience become very involved in the story and the issues of love and friendship. They also get to revise a variety of functional phrases and commonly confused vocabulary with games and a competition.
Love In The Jeans Department is aimed at students in the age range 11 – 13 years, and it is similar in style to Do-It-Yourself Theatre because the story which is played by the actors, gets regularly stopped with games and exercises where the actors present grammar and phrases directly to the audience. These games also take the form of a light-hearted competition, so the show is part story, part games, part competition. The story is about two teenage girls, Jo and Sam, who are best friends. Their friendship becomes complicated though when Sam falls in love with a boy who sells her some jeans, and Jo becomes jealous. The teaching side of the show concerns functional language connected with shopping and making offers. It also deals with commonly confused words like lend borrow, and situations where plural words 'these' and 'them' are often used instead of the singular words 'this' and 'it'. Love in the Jeans Department had its premiere in October 2010. The main aim of the show is, as usual, for students to have fun and to practice the material that they have covered in the classroom in a relaxed and dynamic environment.
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