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The 2-minute video challenges

The idea of the two-minute video challenge is for students of English to produce short videos where they talk, or act or share information in English in a way that is simple and fun to do. If they send us the video we will put it up on our youtube channel together with other students' videos. We keep the identity of participants confidential and protect information in accordance with the law. Our youtube channel The Bear Educational Theatre Online is set to 'for children' which means comments are disabled. 

Choose one challenge to give your students. If it goes well, give them another. The students who took part in our pilot version of the project were happy and grateful for the experience and were sorry when it finished!

See our video - Getting Students to Make Short Videos.

Challenge 1 - The Boring Story Challenge.  


Challenge 2 - The Show and Tell Challenge. 

Challenge 3 - The Fantasy Interview Challenge.

Challenge 4 - The Without Words Challenge. 


Challenge 5 - The Tell a Lie Challenge.


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