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Online Drama Club
August 22-24, 2022 

This Summer David Fisher will run a three-day workshop in the form of an online drama club. The workshop will look at different aspects of presentation and performance will end with the group recording a performance. This performance will be edited into a video, which participants will be able to download and keep. The main idea of the workshop is to give participants a positive and empowering experience. However, it will also give them a useful training in presentation skills and how to stage scenes and make a show.


The workshop will have the following format ......


Day 1 (15.30h - 17.30h C.E.T.) – Tuning in. Games to practice the main ideas of the work. Work with shorter texts and scenes. Agreeing on the outline of the show.


Day 2 (15.30h - 18.00h C.E.T.) – Work on staging specific scenes.


Day 3 (15.30h - 18.00h C.E.T.) – Performance and filming.


Screening – An edited version of the show will be screened within a week of the end of the course at a time agreed by the participants. The video will also be available for participants to download and keep.

Who is the workshop intended for?


The simple answer is – anybody who wants to do it. It is a great way for students to work on their English skills, it is a great chance for English teachers to learn how to work with drama and stage scenes with students, and it is a great chance for anybody else to simply enjoy being in a show. Participation will be limited to a maximum of 12 people per workshop.


What Does It Cost?


  • The price for the whole three-day workshop with video is 60 EUR (1500 Kc, 300 Zl)

  • For English teachers and students the price is 30 EUR (750 Kč, 150 Zl)

  • People who have supported The Bear Educational Theatre on Patreon can attend the workshop free of charge.

  • Ukranian nationals may also apply to attend free of charge.

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