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Activity 3 - Shouting outside a car window.

See a video description of the tip here (includes an added tip on how to set up great roleplays).

This activity is a variation on charades, i.e. one of those games where you have to make people understand you, but you are not allowed to talk.


The idea is to pretend that you are walking along a pavement in town, when somebody you know stops at a red light in a car. You want to say something to them, but you know that they can not hear you and you know you have about twenty seconds before the traffic light will change and they will have to drive off.


In the activity students are given a number of sentences and they have to make the others understand those sentence, without making any sound (mics muted). When communicating their sentences, they should be encouraged to mouth the words, gesticulate and generally overdo it as much as possible. (Of course you also have to imagine that this is a time before or after facemasks.)


There can be different levels of complexity. Messages like ‚Are you okay?‘ or ‚I am hungry‘ should be very simple, but messages like ‚Did you see the new Batman movie?‘ or ‚I have three racoons in my briefcase.‘ are more challenging.


There are many ways to set this up for an online class. I imagine one student acting out some sentences while the others write in suggestions for what they are saying on chat. It could be a good game for a team competition as with chat it is clear who wrote in first and which team gets the point.


The teacher can send students sentences that they have to play out for the others, this way the language can be set at an appropriate level. Or of course students can think of their own or set them for eachother.


The word file below contains this description plus a number of sentences that could be used for the game.

Download this description as a word file.

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