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Activity 4 - Writing Words in the Air


See a video description of the tip here.

A short and simple tip this time. Give students words or sentences. They have to write them in the air with their finger, carefully in front of the monitor. The others have to read what the word is.


This could be done with the whole class together, or set up as a competition where each team has e.g. 60 seconds to write and guess as many words as possible. It could be a good short activity for the start or the end of a session to revise or consolidate new vocabulary or grammar structures.



  • Watch out for mirroring on the screen, so what the person is writing comes out as mirror writing. On zoom it will work okay if the screen is set to ‚Video settings (next to the video camera icon) – Mirror my video‘.

  • Put your hand down for a moment when you have finished writing each letter to make it clear that you have finished.

  • Write the full stop at the end of the sentence for the same reason.

Download this description as a word file.

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