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Congratulations to all of us for making it to the end of this school year! We will be ready to take bookings for 2022-23 from August, but there will be something special this summer too..... a chance to practice your English and learn some presentation skills as the same time.

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Online drama club 

Make a show in 8 hours! 

  • Be part of an international group

  • 3 sessions over three days

  • Stage and film a performance.

  • Attend a screening and keep the video.

  • For students, teachers, or anybody else who wants a great experience.

Date: August 22nd - 24th


Price: 60 EUR (Reductions for teachers, students, and Ukranian nationals.)

Our Offer of Live Shows (In-person)

Other shows may be played by arrangement. Contact us for details.

Jackie and

the Giant 


(Age - 4-9)

The Alien Grammar Show


(Age 10 - 13)

The Detectives


(Age 12 - 16)

The History of England Part 1


(Age 14 - adult)

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Next Tours to Poland

October 17th - 21st 

November 14th - 18th 

Extra Shows (by special arrangement)

Fair Bear (YL) 

Where Is Andrew McStag?

The History of England Part II

The History of English Literature 

Make a Show with your Students!

Give your class a memory for life.There is no better way to improve their speaking, self-confidence, and presentation skills. We can guide you from start to finish. 


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