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Live and Safe Shows

The coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things and it is still not clear how this school year will develop. However, we are preparing to play our full repertoire of shows, albeit with some variations in practice to allow for the new situation.

Safe Shows - If we come to play for you in your school, our actors will take every precaution to make sure that we can not spread the virus to anybody in the building. We will wear facemasks in the school (except in the performance space/ during the show), we will keep social distancing with students and teachers, and, finally, we will regularly disinfect our hands and any objects we come into contact with.


3 for the price of 2 - We normally calculate the prices of our shows based on an average audience of 100 people. (3 to 4 classes) This offer, 3 shows for the price of 2 shows, means that it is possible for you to spread the total number of students over more shows and thereby enable safe spacing among the audience.


Online Program - This year you have the option of ordering a show or workshop to be streamed live to your classroom. In this way you can avoid the logistics of putting a larger group together in the same space. You can read more about the online program here.



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