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Not Quite the Same

A special online workshop to help classes tune in at the

beginning of this unusual school year.

Back in March, the Covid pandemic turned the teaching world inside out as teachers and students had to adopt to online learning. Then there was a partial return to school, then a holiday and now, probably, a full return to school.

We hope that this return will be a positive time with peole glad to be back to the way things were before the pandemic struck. However, we have all been affected by it in different ways. Some feel fine about it, but some families will have been traumatised by illness, loss of employment or other effects of the pressure caused by the shutdown. A teacher can not hope to come to terms with where their individual students are now  and nor should they try to. But at the same time it also seems wrong to ignore the pandemic and try to pretend that everything is back to normal, because the fact is that, while things are not so bad now, they are not quite the same.

This workshop was developed in co-operation with dramatherapist Lenka Fisherova. It engages students in thought and discussion on topics that are closely related to the Covid situation. However it is careful not to treat the topic of Covid in a way that could potentially be traumatic for certain individuals. It is relaxing and fun and has the following modest aims - 

  • to adress the elephant in the room and ackowledge openly that we are in a special situation this year.

  • to make students aware of the fact that while some people were relatively untouched by the pandemic, others have been touched deeply in different ways, So it is especially important for everyone to be especially understanding and tolerant of others at this time. 

  • to emphasise that things are not quite the same, but they are not bad either. There is no reason not to have a great school year.

You can order the workshop for your group at a cost of 1500 Kc. 

More groups can work at the same time, the workshop is not limited to one class.

A follow-up workshop Not Quite the Same Part 2 is also available, run by Lenka Fisherova.

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