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OBS for Teachers, Presenters, and Students

What is OBS and why is it useful?

OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software. The Bear Educational Theatre uses it when performing live online shows to ensure that the presentation is slick and professional. We use it in meetings and other online presentations too, for the same reason. We believe that it is the most useful tool that any teacher or presenter can learn to use these days.

The strength of OBS is the flexibility it gives you when presenting images, videos, or even content from your computer. You can move between content immediately with a single mouse click, no need to share a screen. You can also easily reposition and resize images and videos, You can project the presentations into an online meeting or record them as a video.

Watch this video and contact us for a free demonstration if you want to know more.  VIDEO

You can reserve private sessions at the following cost - 

  • 30 EUR per 90 minute session for individuals  

  • 60 EUR per 90 minute session for  groups of up to 6 people

The potential for working with OBS is practically limitless and there are many advanced texts and videos on the subject. However, we believe that four sessions will be enough for us to get you started with OBS and for you to already significantly improve the quality of your presentations both online and in the classroom..

You can pay by bank transfer, or by joining our Patreon at Anything donated on Patreon can be used as credit against the workshops.  

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