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About the Online Program

This year, for the first time, we are offering a program for schools online.

See a video introduction to how we play our shows online here

See a video introduction to the program A Guest in Your Classroom here

How does it work?

Instead of us travelling to your school and playing a show in your space, we will play a live show for you at our space in Prague while you watch and participate from your school. We have high quality picture and sound so you can project the event onto any screen or larger monitor in your classroom. We will send you a password and you can share that password, and enjoy the event, with other classes in the school, or even with individual students at home.

How does it work in the school?

As said above, you will receive a zoom password that you can pass on to anybody in the school. So instead of gathering three or more classes to sit together in e.g. a gym, those classes can stay in their classrooms and watch the shows in the same way you would watch any other online media, on a large TV or projected onto a screen.

Are the events still interactive?

The events take the form of a zoom meeting, which means that there is still a lot of room for interaction. If you leave your camera and microphone on then our actors will be able to see and hear you during the event. Older students can share their thoughts and ask questions through chat and zoom-friendly tools like Padlet which we incorporate into the online shows. The zoom platform also makes it easy for you to invite our actors into your classroom for a special conversation class. This is the basis of our series A Guest in Your Classroom.

Are there advantages to watching a show online? 

Watching online is obviously a different experience to watching in person, but there are actually certain advantages. For a start, the fact that we are streaming through a computer means that we can use technology to get more feedback from students, and to add backgrounds and effects to the show itself in a way that is not possible when we play on stage. Then the online show is cheaper as we do not have to cover the cost of travelling to your school. And because the event is recorded, you can keep a copy of the show afterwards. Watching online is a different experience but it is still a very good way to bring the magic of theatre to your students.

Is the picture really good enough quality?

Yes it is. We have invested in new cameras, lights and microphones to make sure that the quality of the picture and sound is good enough for not only laptop computers, but also bigger TV monitors or classroom projection screens. 

Why should we watch a show like this? Isn't a pre-recorded video better?

It surprised us just how much more exciting and memorable it is to watch a live event compred to watching a pre-recorded show. We do as much as we can to stay connected to our virtual audience during our shows and to support the feeling that it is spontaneous and happening in real time. An online show is still very much a live theatre experience.

What is A Guest in Your Classroom?

This is a new project where you can invite one of our actors to your classroom for a special structured lesson. It can be a real person (e.g. Gregory who used to act in the Globe Theatre in London), it can be an actor in role playing a literary character (e.g. Shakespeare or Austen), or playing e.g. a homeless character. Another option is to have a structured debate on e.g. climate change. You can read more about this program here.

I'm interested. What do I do next?

Just send us an email or fill in the form on the contact page and we will be in touch to work out the best program and timing for your group. 



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