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How Does It Work?


The Basic Idea

The Bear Educational Theatre come to your school and our actors play live theatre shows in English for xour students. The easiest way to get the ball rolling is to send us a short email decribing your situation, how many students you have, what level they are, and we will write back with some suggestions. 

What are the shows like?

The shows are played by actors live on stage,and are very interactive. The actors talk directly to the audience and the audience have opportunities to answer questions, give their opinions and, in the case of younger students, even shout to the actors. The shows are designed with teaching methodology very much in mind. They are also very entertaining indeed.

What happens when we book an event?

Once we have agreed on a program, we will send you a booking form to fill in. Then we will come to your school on the morning of the program about 45 minutes before the first show to prepare the set.

What does the school need to prepare?

For in-person shows, the school needs to provide the playing area (often a gym or a canteen). The minimum stage space that we would need to play in is 5m across and 4 m deep (but more than that is better. The school is also responsible for seating  the audience (chairs, benches, mats,on the floor etc). On our side, we may ask to borrow some school desks and chairs, but this will be agreed before the show day. Otherwise we are very independent and have everything we need with us.

What about payment?

Payment takes place after the show has been played. You can choose if you would like to pay by cash on the day of the shows (in which case you receive a stamped receipt), or if you would prefer to pay by invoice and bank transfer. Or we can doa combination of the two.

What about materials?

The shows can be enjoyed without any special preparation. However, on booking the show, you will receive the basic preperation materials . These contain a few exercises and activities that you can do with your students before or after the show. We are working on expanding the materials to include interactive exercises online and video clips.

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