How Does It Work?

What Are the Shows Like?

The shows are played by actors on stage, filmed, and streamed live to schools or to students who are home-schooling. The shows are very interactive. The actors talk directly to the audience and the audience have opportunities to answer questions, give their opinions and, in the case of younger students, even shout to the actors. People with an access package are part of a zoom-style meeting which means that the actors can see and hear them during the show. (Read about the different access packages here.)


What happens when we book an event?

Once payment is processed, you will receive an access code for yourself and for your group, based on the package you have chosen. This means that you and your group will have access to the event, whether you are together in school or separated in a home-schooling situation. 

If you you book the Full Show Package, you will get a single unlimited access code for as many users as you like.

What Kind of Equipment Does the Audience Need?

If you are watching the show in a classroom situation you should first check that you have a way to watch an internet live stream, either on a screen or projected from a computer. It helps the interaction if there is a camera and microphone pointing into your classroom so that the actors have a chance to see and hear you during the show. If students are watching from home, they can follow the show  just as they would follow a regular online lesson. We will send you full instructions ahead of time.


What about materials?

The shows can be enjoyed without any special preparation. However we do have a package of preparation and follow-up activities for each show.

On booking the show, you will receive the basic preperation materials . These contain a few exercises and activities that you can do with your students before or after the show. If you book the access package or the full show package, you will have access to a wider range of videos, activities and competitions.