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The Best of Czenglish









The Best of Czenglish is conceived as a theatrical hour of grammar revision for more advanced students. The show features a series of scenes and interactive games, which highlight areas that native speakers of a Slavic language will always have trouble with. As the introduction to the show emphasises, we are not trying to teach anything, we know that the students have covered this material in class many times. The idea is to have an entertaining revision.


The points covered in the show are …… problems with uncountable nouns (saying e.g. ‚spaghetti are‘), pronunciation (where to put the stress on longer words), reported questions, conditional sentences, and using articles. It has been a challenge to produce a good grammar revision show for advanced students that they can accept and enjoy. We think the show has a nice balance now between presenting and entertaining. The Best of Czenglish is especially appreciated by teachers who are glad for support with these problematic grammar points.

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