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Challenge 3 - The Fantasy Interview Challenge

This time we want you to talk a little bit about somebody that you like or admire or know something about and we want you to do it i a special way. You have to pretend to be the person and pretend that you are answering questions that somebody sent you. 

You do not have to act like the person you are playing and you do not have to do do a funny accent or anything. But you can if you want to. The interview should have about four questions. and do not even worry if what you say is not true (in fact you could make up false answers as a joke), it is just about you talking.

You can see an example in the video below.  It is me interviewing myself as if I was Beethoven.

Okay, so here is the first question ….. Where were you born? I was born in 1770 in Bonn in Germany. I lived there with my parents and two younger brothers. Next question .... Why did you move to Vienna when you were older? Well, there are two main reasons, one I didn't like my father who was very strict with me. The other reason is that I wanted to study music with Haydn who was a great composer and he lived in Vienna. He taught me a lot, but in the end I thought I was better than him, so I stopped taking his lessons. Next question .... Was it a problem when you went deaf? Yes, it is always a problem when a musician is deaf. I had to stop playing in public, I had to stop conducting my own work. But I still wrote my greatest music when I was deaf. And when somebody was angry with me I couldn't hear them, so that was good. And the last question ..... what do you think of the music that we listen to today? Well, I think most of it is very simple and not very clever. People seem to like it, but I  do not understand why. But Snoop Dogg is good. I really like him. Thank you.

Basically you can say anything you like because you ask the questions. It doesn't have to be true (and it doesn't have to be funny). Good luck, have fun!



Be quite close to the camera so that we can see your face.

Speak slowly and loudly so that we can hear you.

Put the phone or laptop on a chair or table so it is not moving around.

Try not to have a light source (a window or a lamp) behind you in the video.

If you are naturally expressive, it is okay, don't try to be boring, be yourself. 

Really really don't worry about anything, including background noises from the family or how you look on video. This is just for fun!


You can see a video of how to make a fantasy interview here.

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