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Challenge 2 - The Show and Tell Challenge  



The idea is the same as before. Use your phone or PC to make a 2 minute video where you are just talking. Please do not worry about the quality of the video or how you look or anything. It is not about making a good film, it is about talking and sharing stories.

In this challenge we want you to tell us about something that you feel close to in some way. It can be an object that you like or a game/ activity that you do quite often. This challenge is to explain well, and to help us understand your connection to this thing and why you like it.


If you are talking about an object you could tell us …….


  • What is it?

  • Where did you get it?

  • How long have you had it?

  • Why did you choose this object to talk about?


If you are talking about a game or activity you could tell us ……….


  • What is it called?

  • What is the basic idea of how you do it?

  • What are some more complicated things that you know how to do?

  • Why do you like it?


Again the video should be about two minutes long (three minutes maximum) and again please don‘t worry about the technical side of it. In fact don‘t worry about any of it, just use it as a chance to talk and have fun.


Then send it (or a link) to us at


Be quite close to the camera so that we can see your face.

Speak slowly and loudly so that we can hear you.

Put the phone or laptop on a chair or table so it is not moving around.

Try not to have a light source (a window or a lamp) behind you in the video.

If you are naturally expressive, it is okay, don't try to be boring, be yourself. 

Really really don't worry about anything, including background noises from the family or how you look on video. This is just for fun!


See an example (technically challenged) of a Show and Tell video describing an object.

See an example of a Show and Tell video describing a game.

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