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Challenge 5 - The Tell a Lie Challenge.


This is the last challenge of the series. It is basically a lying game. The idea is that you will tell us about three people in your family. However, one of the people you tell us about is not real. We have to guess which one is not real.


Here is a format for talking about the relatives (but you can say anything you like). 

I am going to tell you about my (insert relative). S/he is (insert number) years old and lives in (insert type of accommodation) in (insert place). S/he lives with (insert other people or - lives alone.) S/he has (insert pets or - no pets).

For example .... I am going to tell you about my sister Sophie. She is 58 years old and she lives in a house in Somerset in England. She lives with her three grown-up chldren. She has a cat.


Do this three times, twice with true information about real relatives, once with false information about a relative that you  make up. In the false one everything should be false. Then ....

  1. Tell us the three stories about the three relatives.

  2. Say - I am going to play you some music now for 20 seconds while you think about it. Play some music which you like and remind us of the three relatives.

  3. Stop the music and tell us which of the stories was the false one.



Be quite close to the camera so that we can see your face.

Speak slowly and loudly so that we can hear you.

Put the phone or laptop on a chair or table so it is not moving around.

Try not to have a light source (a window or a lamp) behind you in the video.

Really do not worry about anything, including background noises from the family or how you look on the video. This is for practice and for fun.


You can see a video of the Tell a Lie Challenge here. (Sorry, it is really quite rough for now).

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