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Challenge 4 - The Without Words Challenge


This challenge moves us slightly towards the world of acting, but only slightly. It is basically a new boring story, but done in a very different way. You have to describe something you did yesterday or during last week where there was some action. You are going to tell us that story twice, first time with gestures, mouthing and miming, but no words, the second time with words. Because you will do it twice it is okay for the story to be quite short. However, because you will be acting things out a bit, it will help a lot if the story involves some movement or action – you going somewhere or doing something, not just talking.


This activity will be a lot clearer from the video. (Unfortunately this video will be very bad quality from my phone – I will post a new version on Wednesday 20th May.) My example story will be something like this …….

Yesterday I collected my son from his grandmother. There were a lot of bags to carry and a little suitcase. I took the bags and told my son, Ondy, to take the suitcase to the car. While I was driving home, he wanted to use my phone to play a game. This time I said okay and I gave him the phone. When we got home he got out of the car with the phone and started walking towards our building. I shouted after him to take the suitcase again, but this time he waved no. So I took the bags and the suitcase. Then he put away the phone and said - I will race you. First one home is the winner. He won.

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