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Tour plan for the period October - December 2019


Note - This plan does not name specific regions of Poland, rather broader areas that we will be travelling through. We will put together tours based on how we can connect different schools who are interested in our shows. We are not only visiting large cities, we will play anywhere. If you do not see how you fit into this rough plan, please write anyway and we will try to arrange something.

October 21 - 30  East Poland, Poznan, Bydgoszcz areas


October 28 - 30  South Poland Katowice, Krakow areas


November 18 - 22  Kielce, Lublin, Warsaw areas


November 25 - 29  Warsaw, Lodz, Torun areas


December 2 - 6  Gdansk, Gdynia areas



The posters below show the performances that are available for this year's tours of Poland.


Shows for Primary and Middle Schools 


Shows for Secondary Schools