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Our Program For Schools 2022-23

26 years of experience                       1000s of shows played                       20 different shows                    premiere this year           

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Welcome in the New Year! Please get in touch and we will work out an amazing creative program for your students in 2023!  We offer ....

  • Shows in your School (for all ages)

  • A Guest in Your Classroom

  • Workshops with Students 

  • Teacher-training, E-books, Videos

Join us at the 29th P.A.R.K. conference in Brno April 1st 2023!.png
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March - April 2023 

1984 vs Brave New World

Live Shows for all Ages

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  • A new voice

  • A great personality

  • Creative learning

  • A memorable lesson

Renewed Premiere

The Bear

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