Tours of Poland 2023-24

We are taking bookings for shows in Poland on these dates in Spring 2024. (Note: schools reasonably close to the border with The Czech Republic may ask for other dates too.)

April 22nd – 25th and May 27th – June 7th

We are not planning specific tours to specific areas ahead of time. Tell us what you want and when you want it and we will do our best to arrange our tours around your specific interest. Please send a mail to and we will make you an offer based on your situation.



The Alien Grammar Show

An alien is being chased by two intergalactic agents (Men in Black) who want to catch her and kill her. A very interactive show.

Jackie and the Giant

Jackie and the Giant is the story of a young girl, Jackie, who is running away from a bad giant (who only speaks English).. The children in the audience have to help her.
divadelní představení v angličtině pro děti, The Bear Theatre

Fair Bear

Fair Bear is for very young learners. It is set in the Colourful Hotel where there will be a dog competition.


A Show Full of Lies

A Show Full of Lies is an entertaining look at the role that lying plays in human interactions.

The History of England Part I

The History of England Part 1 answers questions like, Who built Stonehenge? What was so great about Alfred the Great? What happen to the wives of Henrz VIII?


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