A Guest
In Your Classroom

A Guest In Your Classroom

There are many great benefits to having a guest in your classroom. Not only does it make for a memorable lesson, your students can learn original things in a unique and creative way. It is an exceptionally powerful teaching tool.  

conversation practice

learning about literature or history

learning about other subjects in English (CLIL)

evising specific grammar or other classroom material

A one-hour group session from ...

50 (1200 Kč)*

How to order
a workshop?

Send us a short email decribing your situation, how many students you have, and what level they are. You can also use the reservation form below. We will write back with a concrete off for your group(s).



reservation form >>>


It depends on the workshop. The practical workshops Speaking Clearly and Students on Stage will take place in the school (or possibly one of our spaces). The program Guest in Your Classroom is designed to be done online, but it can also be done in-person by arrangement.

There are several skills that actors have that students need to learn. The main one of these is the art of speaking clearly and presenting well. Workshops are a way for students to gain confidence in speaking and become actors themselves rather than just watching actors on stage.

This is a fantastic way to engage with the theatre and have a creative lesson with a single class rather than a bigger group. You can do this in-person or online and have an effective and  memorable learning experience with a minimum of organization.

Workshops are very flexible and can be organized to fit your lessons and schedule.  The sessions can be 45 minutes, or 90, or longer. There can be an all-day workshop to create scenes or a show. It is really up to you.

Yes, we can. The details can be agreed personally to fit your needs. 


Phone +420 775592414


These are the prices for live in-person shows played in your school.

The price is per show. We can agree a price per student if that is more convenient for you.

Normally we need at least two shows to be played in the same place on the same morning. They can be different shows (it doesn’t have to be the same show twice).

Reductions apply to shows booked by September 19th 2023 (Shows to be played by the end of November)

Extra Reductions (25% off the full price) are available if …….

You pay ahead (by invoice) before the end of September 2023.

You take the group option on our page at

(In this case you pay 1500 Kč/month and get 2000 Kč/month of credit towards our programs. You also get free access to extra materials, articles, games, scripts, videos, E-books, online courses etc).

You can also ask for extra reductions in these situations……

Large bookings (More than two shows in a morning)

Small groups

Special circumstances

Ukranian students (can usually attend free of charge).

These reductions will be judged case by case.