Start by filling in the form or sending a short E-mail. Please let us know approximately how many students you have, what level they are, and when you would like a program. We will write back with a specific offer for you.

We can adapt to play in most spaces. We often play in school gyms or canteens, but sometimes we play in culture houses or cinemas. A rough guide for an absolute minimum stage space is 4m x 5m.  It helps a lot if the students can sit not too far from the stage and if  the accoustic in the room is not too bad.

Our team will bring everything they need to play the show. The school generally has to provide the space for playing in and teh seating for the students (this may be e.g. mats and benches in a gym). For some shows we will ask to borrow school desks or chairs.

You can pay in cash on the day of the show (in this case you receive a stamped and signed receipt), or you can pay by invoice and bank transfer.

There is no limit. If we are free it could be the next day. However, of course, the further ahead you book, the mpore chance you have of getting a date that suits you.

Up to 100 students is optimal for a show, 150 is a realistic limit for most situations. We often offer reductions for smaller groups.

Small groups can visit a show in the Reduta theatre or else can have a workshop or online program.