A Guest in Your Classroom

Gregory Gudgeon

Agatha Christie

Winston Churchill

See an introductory video here

The format A Guest in Your Classroom can be used in different ways, for ....

  • conversation practice,

  • learning about literature or history.

  • learning about other subjects in English (CLIL).

  • revising specific grammar or other classroom material.

  • covering one-off lessons for missing (or quarantined) teachers.

For the period October - December 2020 the cost of a structured session is 30 EUR per session.

If you need help with covid-related problems, we can reduce the price to 12 EUR per session (limited capacity and state schools only).

Meet a real person - You can invite one of our actors to talk about themselves. One very interesting option is Gregory Gudgeon, a professional actor who has worked in The Globe Theatre  in London.

Meet a literary personality - We have done actor-in-role sessions with William Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, Oscar Wilde, George Orwell, and Carl Jung. Others could be arranged. These meetings are a truly great way for students to learn about  literarature and history.  


Engage with social issues - Our actor Patrick Bently worked with homeless people in Amercica for many years and he does a great session where he plays a homeless character talking about the realities of his day to day life. 

Design your own session - What are you working on that you would like help with? Are there things that don't seem to stick with your students that you have to go over again and again?, Or tare there difficult topics that you would like to discuss? Would you like a session on learning how to learn, or on how to manage online studying, or on presentation skills and talking clearly? There are different ways to use a guest in the classroom.

There really are limitless options with this format, Contact us and we can work out what is best for your students.

Homeless Character