Tours of Poland

We are taking bookings for shows in Poland in these dates


May 9th - 20th 2022

June 1st - 10th 2022

(Schools reasonably close to the border with The Czech Republic may ask for other dates too.)

Because of the uncertainty around the covid situation, we are not planning specific tours to specific areas ahead of time. Tell us what you want and when you want it and we will do our best to arrange our tours around your specific interest. Please send a mail to and we can work out the best options for your groups.



Shows                                                                       Age range

Fair Bear                                                             4 - 8

Jackie and the Giant                                           5 - 10 

The Alien Grammar Show                                  10 - 13 



Shows                                                                        Age range

The History of England Part 1                            14 - 18  



The price  of a single show in your school is 1400 Zl

The price of two shows in your school is 2400 Zl

The price of three shows in your school is 3000 Zl


Flexability around the Covid situation (and the war situation)

Of course it is difficult in these days for schools to organize an event like this when they do not know what the situation will be like on the show date. We are very open to late changes. We will make the final decisions on the program together with you one week before the show date, based on the actual situation at the time.

In exceptional cases you may also order these shows for secondary and upper-primary students - 

Murder at Wimbledon

Where Is Andrew McStag?

Further information and reservations at