These are the prices for live in-person shows played in your school. Normally we need at least two shows to be played in the same place on the same morning. They can be different shows (it doesn't have to be the same show twice).

Reductions apply to shows booked to be played by the end of February 2022. 

Reductions are also for schools who join our Patreon program.       


        Jackie and the Giant            Reduced - 5000Kč       Full - 6500Kč

       The Alien Grammar Show     Reduced - 6000Kč       Full - 7500 Kč

       The Detectives                     Reduced - 6000Kč       Full - 8000 Kč

       The History of England Pt 1  Reduced - 7000 Kč      Full - 8000 Kč

       Workshop  (per hour)           Reduced -  750 Kč       Full - 1000 Kč


Prices for the online program

            Jackie and the Giant - 3000 Kč per show

            The Alien Grammar  Show - 3500 Kč per show

            Sherlock Holmes, Two Cases to Solve - 4000 Kč per show

            1984 vs Brave New World - 4200 Kč per show

            Workshop - 750 to 1500 Kč per session (depending on the program.)