Show Schedule

November and December 2020

              November 17th - 19th  -  Sherlock Holmes, Two Cases to Solve (Ages 13-15)

9.00h and 11.00h 

The famous Detective leads the audience step by step through two fascinating cases. More info.

November 23rd - 25th - The Alien Grammar Show (Ages 10-13)

9.00h and 10.30h 

Aliens have landed on Earth. Two Men in Black are trying to catch them. This very popular show is fast and fun. More info

November 26th - 1984 vs Brave New World (Ages 15-adult)

9.00h and 11.00h

Two  futuristic novels of the last century, but which one is most relevant to us today? The audience decides in the end. More info.

December 1st - 3rd -  Jackie and the Giant (Ages 5-9)

9.00h and 10.30h 

Jackie is being chased by a bad giant, who wants to eat her. This show engages the audience right to the exciting finale. More info.

December 15th - 17th -  A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens (Ages 14- adult)

9.00h and 11.00h 

Charles Dickens himself invites you to his house to tell you this eternally popular tale. A strong cast of actors including Gregory Gudgeon (ex Globe Theatre) and Lane Davies (from the TV series Santa Barbara). More info.