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Challenge 1 - The Boring Story Challenge 


Most students don't like to perform in front of others and are worried about being judged and looking stupid. This is quite natural, but two reasons behind it are, 1 they think that they are not interesting people, 2 they think that what they are saying is not interesting. In reality though, watching a normal person telling a normal story can be a lot more interesting than watching somebody who is trying to be entertaining or funny. So here is our first 2-minute video challenge.


  • Tell a short  story from your life (maximum 3 minutes).

  • Film it at home with the camera on your phone or on your PC.

  • Don't do anything special to make it interesting. 

  • Don't try to make it boring either. Basically don't try too hard. Just speak clearly and tell your story as if you are talking to a friend.

  • Don't worry about editing the video, or background sounds, or how you look, or anything. This is just about people talking.

Then send it (or a link) to us at


Be quite close to the camera so that we can see your face.

Speak slowly and loudly so that we can hear you.

Put the phone or laptop on a chair or table so it is not moving around.

Try not to have a light source (a window or a lamp) behind you in the video.

If you are naturally expressive, it is okay, don't try to be boring, be yourself. 

Really really don't worry about anything, including background noises from the family or how you look on video. This is just for fun!



See an introduction to Challenge 1


See an example of a Boring Story video      

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