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Where is Andrew McStag?

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Where is Andrew McStag? is a film-noir style detective story where a student goes missing from home. The story builds as a detective, meets a range of interesting characters. There is a businesswoman, a teenager, an old woman, a pop singer and the bouncer of a club. In the end the story is paused while the audience try to work out what will happen in the end and to answer the question, where is Andrew McStag?


The story is quite interactive as the detective involves the audience with each stage of his journey. There is also a grammar focus. The show includes a lot of modal verbs of deduction and there is a short introduction to highlight this.


Where is Andrew McStag is a very satisfying show and has had a lot of positive feedback since its premiere in 2017. Students especially enjoy the story of a young man finding his own identity in the face of pressure from his family and his school.

The director talks about the show.

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